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6 Gluten-Free Foods That Are Not Actually Healthy

Are trail bars as healthy as they seem?

Looking forward into making dried fruit such as peanuts and raisins easier to carry around, food industry managed a way to turn them into bars. A bar is way easier to carry around and to consume, but in order to keep all those dried fruit pieces together it is needed to use some kind of substance to stick them together. Usually, these sticky substances are made with considerable quantities of sugar in different forms, it can be honey, maple syrup or even commonly refined sugar turned into caramel. The truth is that a large amount of sugar can completely revert the nutritive values of dried fruits and turn these bars into common sweet snacks as a normal chocolate bar.

Loose plain nuts, seeds and dried fruits remain as the best choice for people looking for a healthy snack. It also happens with peanuts with salt added, the amount of sodium per bag make them unhealthy, and it is recommendable to wash salt off before consuming them.