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6 Gluten-Free Foods That Are Not Actually Healthy

Food marketed as “smartfood” is actually not that smart

It is a common phenomenon industry wants to market food products as smart choices. Whenever someone is thinking about buying a product that is marketed as “smartfood” it is advisable for them to read the label carefully. Such is the case of popcorn, which is way easier to prepare when one has bought the “smart” presentation.

Natural popcorn prepared by buying kernels and popping it at home contains 125 calories per 3 cups, counting the oil it needs to be popped, with no extra sodium. On the other hand a bag of “smartfood” popcorn contains 290 calories and depending on the artificial flavouring it hay have at least 500 extra milligrams of extra sodium. The smartest choice is buying kernels and popping them at home