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6 Gluten-Free Foods That Are Not Actually Healthy

Is gluten-free bread truly healthy?

Celiac disease is characterized by intolerance to food containing gluten, it is also called gluten sensibility. In the view of a market they hadn’t reached yet, bread industry developed gluten-free products that wouldn’t affect people with said condition. The main focus of gluten-free food is people with gluten sensitivity. Due to advertising, nowadays gluten-free food is regarded as healthy. Surveys and researches have demonstrated that around 35% of American adults consume gluten-free food even though they do not suffer from gluten sensitivity because they think it is healthier than food containing gluten.

Studies have shown that a great percent of these gluten-free foods contain more salt and fat than normal food and even less fiber, vitamins and proteins. The best choice when looking for healthier options is to buy whole-grain bread which is fiber-reach and helps the digestive system to work properly.