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6 Gluten-Free Foods That Are Not Actually Healthy

Veggie burgers vs. normal burgers

It is not a secret that vegetables are healthy, and it is not a crazy idea thinking burgers made of vegetables instead of meat may be healthier than the standard ones. The truth is that home-made veggie burgers can be the healthiest option of all, but the ones marketed as “veggie” and “all natural” contain at least 20 different ingredients that may not be as natural as they are thought to be.

Some of the ingredients used to make veggie burgers are highly processed and do not remain as natural as they were before being processed. The use of thickeners and flavors added play an important role on the final nutritive values of these burgers. However, there are some options that contain truly healthy ingredients such as lentils and soy. The most recommendable option for people looking for healthy burgers is to prepare their own veggie burgers or just go for some standard burgers with a controlled amount of salt. Meat is a great source of protein.