Diet and Nutrition

A Girl's Guide to Food

A Girl's Guide to Food

Food is one of our biggest temptations in life. A lot of girls are becoming guilty about what they eat and it can begin to take the fun out of eating and life in general. It is common for many girls to experiment dieting because of that guilty feeling they get when they eat food.

Here are some simple ways that allow you to feel good about yourself while enjoying the food you eat:

Eat only when you're hungry

Food is an inevitable part of any party, holiday, or even a meeting with friends. A diet will limit you at any of these events, and can deprive the body of food when it needs it the most. Always listen to your hunger pangs and eat with caution. Eat in small amounts only when needed and avoid binging.

Avoid Yo-Yo dieting

A proper diet is a healthy alternative to lose weight, but if it is not maintained it is possible to gain the weight lost back. Girls who are not consistent with their diet can gain more weight and fat deposits over a period of time.

Believe in yourself

Catherine Steiner-Adair, EdD, who studies eating disorders at Harvard Medical School, says that girls are often more concerned with how they look instead of focusing on more important things. It's common for women to second guess themselves if they are not in the physical shape they desire to be in. You must accept the yourself first in order to attain your full potential. Stop focusing on just your looks. Losing weight does not solve all of your problems.

Be aware of eating disorders

Obsession with food and depriving the body of the essential nutrients is going to hurt you. If you are consumed by thoughts of looks and food, take a moment to talk to someone close to you, like your mother, or talk to a health care professional. If you are too uncomfortable, go to the National Eating Disorders Association website; it will give you any information that you think you might need.

Take a media break

It is common for young women to be obsessed with the way different models look in the media world. Be aware that some of these looks are unachievable because everyone is endowed with a different body type. Moreover, not all models are healthy and fit. Try to stay away from the media and its distorted view of body image.

Key Takeaways

  • You need to consume food to stay healthy.
  • Embrace your own body and be comfortable in the skin you're in.
  • Avoid fad diets, or Yo-Yo dieting.