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Alternative Treatments for Kidney Stones


Kidney stones is an infection that causes pain and embarrassment to the patients suffering from the condition. It is a condition that affects the urinary system of a person. It starts from the kidney down to the ureter and finally the bladder. Kidney stones causes effects to the ureter, bladder and the urinary tract.

Kidney stones

Kidney stones are stones formed in the urinary system as a result of accumulation of acidic salts and other minerals in the kidney. When these substances which include calcium oxalate, phosphates and maleate accumulate in the system, they solidify to form ball-like structures.
These stones are of different sizes and shapes. They always vary from microscopic ones to the size of a golf ball. They cause a lot of pain as they pass out mostly through the urethra in urine. The patients also experiences pain in the abdomen and kidneys.
For people living with kidney stones to understand how they can use different methods to treat the condition, then it is important to know various types of kidney stones according to their causes.

Different Types of Kidney Stones

  • Struvite stones. It is a very common condition affecting mostly women. It results from certain infections of the urinary tract. This is where urinary tract infections cause accumulation of substances in the kidney. It can be treated by undergoing proper treatment for any of these infections.
  • Calcium oxalate stones. They are very common to both men and women. They form as a result of calcium phosphates and calcium oxalates. You can treat this condition by reducing intake of foods rich in oxalates and phosphates
  • Cystines stones. They are formed as a result of cystinuria in the system. They are related to genetic disorders.
  • Uric acid stones. They are stones that are caused by excess acids in the body. The main causes of this type of stones are too much of animal proteins. These may include meat and fish.

Alternative Treatment Measures

According to the current increase in cases of kidney stones it is advisable to know some of the alternative treatment measures for the condition where most of them are self-care based. This will keep you away from too much medication and surgery procedures or being admitted to a hospital.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Do this by drinking a mixture of six ounces of water and two teaspoons of apple vinegar throughout the day. This should specifically be used before every meal to help dissolve the kidney stones faster. Apple cider vinegar contains citric acid which helps in dissolving stones and they are passed out easily. This will also prevent possible formation of the more stones by providing an alkalizing effect that leads to production of hydrochloric acid hence, no kidney stones. It is advised to drink this solution even after the stones get passed out to prevent further stone formation.

Apple Cider Vinegar has a pungent pucker taste. Home remedy enthusiasts root for this alternative treatment of kidney stone all the time but the people with diabetes and high blood pressure are advised to avoid it.

Lab Grade ChancaPiedra

This is a very good herbal remedy which helps in breaking down the stones. The herbal also helps in preventing formation of the stones. The herbal should be taken with care to prevent any further effects.

This treatment is the best known treatment for treating kidney stones as it has shown high success rates up till now as they are known to crush the kidney stones scientifically which then dissolves and easily passes out the dissolved material. This natural treatment is also known to have shown instant pain relief after the intake of ChancaPiedra. It came into consideration during 2002, when a study revealed that ChancaPiedra halts or slows down the growth of kidney stone. It is also known to interfere in the whole process that leads to stone formation thus, no kidney stones anymore.

Taking of pain relievers

This is another simple and safe remedy. The patient takes pain relievers which helps to reduce pain when you are passing out the stones.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

It is a method meant to dissolve the stones completely or help you to pass them easily. You are supposed to drink a mixture of 5 ounces of olive oil and the same amount of lemon juice followed by a glass of water. The mixture should be properly blended and it should be the first drink of the morning and afternoon. You can drink plenty of water after wards and also extra lemons if needed. This concoction of olive and lemon is a very popular home remedy to treat kidney stones naturally. The lemon juice is known to break down the kidney stones whereas the olive oil is known to lubricate the kidney walls for the stones to pass out easily.  The most suitable olive oil is the extra virgin olive oil because it is the healthiest and the thickest.

Intake of large quantities of water

Once a person takes enough amounts of water it helps to dissolve the stones hence making it easy to pass them out. This method also helps to prevent development of the stones.

Kidney Beans

If you have seen kidney beans, you must be well aware of which body part do they resemble with. Yes, the kidneys hence, the name. The shape of kidney beans speaks volumes about the healing potential of these beans to cure kidney stones. Kidney beans are one of the most effective home remedies for treating kidney stones. Traditionally the pods of these beans were used as medicinal tonic as well. You can use it by removing the beans from the pods and then keep the pods in a pan to boil for six hours. The essence lies in the purified hot water and the pods. The liquid is strained through a cheese cloth after six hours and then cooled down. This liquid is to be taken throughout the day for one to two days to ease the pains caused by kidney stone and also, eventually passing down of the kidney stone.


The Bottom Line

Kidney stones is a condition that has 70-80% chances of recurring. All the alternative treatment measures helps to treat the condition but a person must take care to avoid side effects.