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Are Body Wraps Effective?

Are Body Wraps Effective?

Body wraps, often referred to as body cocoons or body masks, are popular spa treatments heralded to have several uses depending on the material used for wrapping. A number of natural materials, like rosemary, clay, chocolate, eucalyptus, and honey, are used for the wrapping process. Different treatments — relaxation, detoxing, moisturizing, or slimming — have different wraps that are available. Can you really slim down or reduce the cellulite by wrapping your body with a material that is normally available in your kitchen or garden?

The first step requires a mud or green apple scrub that will be used before a warm shower. The natural wrap materials are then applied to the body and wrapped with the plastic sheet. An electric thermal blanket is then applied to make the person sweat during the 30-minute period when it is applied.

There is no supporting evidence for the claim that these wraps will help to detoxify the body. Experts are not sure whether wrapping the body with a natural material will help pull out toxins built up in the body. Some experts believe that as the body sweats, wraps actually help to detoxify the skin. But, detoxification through this method does not apply to the organs, like the liver or kidneys. For example, clay wraps may pull out any impurities present on the skin and in pores.

If you desire to slim down, experts say that any weight loss resulting from this method will only be temporary. The feeling of weight loss is actually due to the tightness of the skin after the wrap has been applied, which will eventually disappear within a few days. Whatever weight loss is seen on the measuring scale is actually due to loss of water in the body, not fat. Body wraps may plump the skin for a while, giving the feeling of reduced cellulite. Thus the appearance of the skin may be better for a few days, but not for long.

Moreover, one should be careful of the aromatic body wraps, as it may irritate the skin if the skin is too sensitive. One should consider what medications are consumed before use, as some of the herbal products may be absorbed through the skin and may interact with the drugs. One should also drink plenty of water because wrapping may cause profuse sweating. Now, if you have claustrophobia, this treatment may not be suitable for you.

Remember, there is nothing better than eating healthy foods and remaining physically active!