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Are Vitamin Drinks Beneficial for Your Skin?

Are Vitamin Drinks Beneficial for Your Skin?

Vitamin drinks, or beauty beverages as they are commonly known as, are touted as one of the best recipe for glowing and youthful skin. It is more like a powerful purifying and perfecting solution for the skin. In the past years, a number of products claiming to have ‘functional benefits’ for improving beauty that was launched to attract the beauty-craving population. 

These beauty drinks contain a number of nutrients including vitamins, amino acids and other substances that provide antioxidant power. Under normal conditions, a person gets these nutrients from their diet and these drinks form a supplement. Without a grain of doubt, these nutrients enrich the skin. But wether they channelize all the properties and benefits to the face, is still a doubt. Moreover, the drinks contain other components like emulsifiers, preservatives and sweeteners, which may not be so good for the health.

According to the makers of the vitamin drinks, these products helps in supplement nutrition as many people who have a healthy diet also have absorption problems. Since the supplements are provided in the form of liquid, the bio-availability increases, making absorption easier. As the body readily absorbs the nutrients, these liquids help in making the skin more healthy and glowing.

Although the drinks contain a number of nutrients, experts doubt whether adding them into a liquid will be as effective as a normal diet. These supplements are sometimes compared to excess of physical activity which may not be helpful in reducing weight. Just by having more nutrients, the skin may not become healthier, according to experts. 

Health of the skin improves considerably by keeping it well hydrated. Eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking adequate water are the best way to hydrate the skin. Tea can be considered as a drink with considerable benefits for the skin. The polyphenols present in tea helps in preventing sun damage and inflammation, both of which affect the looks. Applying products directly on the skin seems to be better than drinks in improving skin health. Products containing vitamin A, vitamin C and peptides are considered to be better than vitamin drinks.