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Diabulimia: The Silent Diabetes Eating Disorder

Diabulimia: The Silent Diabetes Eating Disorder

Diabulimia: The Silent Diabetes Eating Disorder

There is a silent diabetes issue that can affect many individuals, with untold numbers continuing to rise. There are already many issues that those with diabetes face. It can be random in chance or come out of an expected situation. There are quite a few individuals who suffer from a condition known as diabulimia. In fact, it is estimated that around forty percent of those with type-1 diabetes suffer from this condition that can affect their life. It is not easy living with diabetes, let alone a disorder that can cause an untold amount of stress on the body. This type of eating disorder is a sub-type of diabetes and bulimia, which is already an issue on their own accords. The difference between type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes is that unlike the type of diabetes that is found throughout life, type-1 is an autoimmune disease that cannot be affected or prevented in any ways. 

The effects of any type of diabetes are known, with some new symptoms arising in individuals each and every day! These can lead to a lower sense of happiness and overall worsening of problems if not addressed in a proper time frame. Those who are a healthy weight might even have issues, so just because one is of a healthy weight does not mean that this disease is not affecting them at all. It can be an issue for many who are having problems toning up. Those who are at a healthy weight can actually suffer from many issues that are inside and out. These may include but are not limited to, fertility problems in men and women, nervous system issues, possible eye damage, kidney failure, and even serious complications related to other organs of the body. 

Throughout the world this is the world’s most dangerous eating disorder. This is a type of diabetes disorder and it can arise at any age and for any reason. In this disorder the food is taken in a shameful or additive manner and the amount of insulin taken is improper. Thus the insulin may be misused and down the road it can give rise to many issues. Without even knowing or feeling the effects one can have diabetes.  At any age one can screen for this disease. 

For those facing these issues knowing how to manage diabetes is not a big concern. They may even have a lot of knowledge. They could be involved in exercising and can be of healthy weight. Finding out about the disease can lead to some sort of shock. Medical professional needs to address this issue or else help from therapist should be considered. Sometimes even talking may help. These individuals usually do not know whom to go to for help or assistance.

The main part of the focus is those who are going through this. But if there is someone already aware that a person is going through this disease then talk with them and offer words of solace. Do not force them to talk since they may feel attacked.  This problem is actually a mental block and not a physical problem. 

There needs to be awareness about the disease. Patients deserve this kind of awareness. They need someone who will understand the issue that they are facing. Some have listed the problem that they feel secluded. A myriad of problems may occur when the thoughts of shame or resentment occurs. Before serious action is taken this problem needs to be addressed quickly. 

It can be a tough topic to talk about long term effects of this disorder. However down the road they are likely to occur and such issues should be addressed as quickly as possible. The person need not feel ashamed or embarrassed. If no one understands the problem then for a better sense of well being, the help of a new healthcare provider is a must. If the issue is not addressed then over time serious acidic build up and blindness can occur. It is never easy to make healthier life choices if a person has any disease or disorder. You can offer a word of comfort and understanding to them. This disease is greatly underdiagnosed hence to this issue more attention needs to be paid.

Studies have shown that this disease is more likely in those with type 1 diabetes. However even men can be affected. It is therefore important to address the issue as early as possible. Although usually women are targeted in this disease but through the country there can be many sufferers. In creating a diet, general sense of well being and keeping up with mental health, a professional can help. These issues can occur in children and elderly too. However it can be of some comfort to know that each day is a new chance and avoid negative thoughts.