Diet and Nutrition

Diabulimia: The Silent Diabetes Eating Disorder

A Follow-Up and Addressing Personal Issues

Talking about the long terms effects of this type of eating disorder related to diabetes can be a tough topic for many to approach. The long term effects, however, are very likely to cause issues down the road, meaning they should be addressed as soon as possible. There is no need to feel shame or embarrassment! If an individual does not understand the problems at hand for diabulimic patients, then a new healthcare provider is a must for a better sense of well-being. Even blindness and serious acidic buildup can occur over time if this is not addressed. Making healthier life choices is never easy, especially if someone is suffering from various disease and disorders. With their tolls in place, a comforting hand can be there during a time of need and understanding. This is a greatly under-diagnosed disease, which is why more attention must be brought about to the issue.