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Diabulimia: The Silent Diabetes Eating Disorder


BBC has listed this as one of the most dangerous eating disorders throughout the world, which can be absolutely said as being true given the nature of diabetes and other issues that can arise from it. What exactly is this disease? There have been recent studies that have shed light on this, albeit the topic is still somewhat new and researchers are just now honing in on what to do about it. This type of diabetes disorder related to body issues is sensitive and can come out at any age or for any reason. With this type of eating disorder known as diabulimia, it involves taking the improper amount of insulin and eating foods in a shameful or addictive manner. This can lead many people to misuse their insulin and cause them to have even more issues down the road. One can have diabetes without even knowing or feeling the effects until later on. This can not only be scary for many, but something to watch out for and screen for this disease at any age.