Diet and Nutrition

Diabulimia: The Silent Diabetes Eating Disorder

Gender Can be a Factor

In fact, it was shown by numerous studies conducted that women who have type-1 diabetes are far more likely to have issues related to eating disorders. Men can also be affected too, in addition to those who identify on the non-binary scale. Keeping this mind and thought, the changes to addressing these issues must be taken as seriously as possible. While women are generally the targets of this type of disorder, there can be many sufferers all through the country. A diet professional and healthcare professional can assist in creating a diet and keeping up with mental health and a general sense of well-being. People of all ages can suffer from an eating disorder, so know that even children and the elderly can start to suffer from these issues at hand without wanting at all. Avoiding negative thoughts and knowing that each day is a new chance can be of some small comfort to those facing the woes of diabulimia and related issues.