Diet and Nutrition

Dining In or Dining Out With Celiac Disease


  • Allowed:
    • Cereals - Corn, rice, sorghum
    • Minor cereals - called so because they are not very common and are grown in few regions of the world, they are fonio, teff, millet, teosinte, Job’s tears
    • Pseudo-cereals - called so because many consider them as cereals, but in fact, they are not cereals, many of them have been consumed by humans for centuries like buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth
    • Fruits &Vegetables - none of them have gluten and are thus safe for consumption.
    • Pulses
    • Nuts
    • Other plant foods - soybean, potato, root crops
    • Animal foods - Milk and derivatives, chicken, eggs, poultry products, plain meat, fish

So as you see that except few grains, in fact, most of the products are gluten free. The only caution should be when buying processed food products or those having sauces, it is not uncommon to have gluten in them. Carefully check the label before buying the packed products.