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Skip the Sweet N Low! Do Artificial Sweeteners Make Crohn’s Disease Worse?

Artificial sweeteners: the take-away message

Artificial sweeteners can be rather difficult to navigate for individuals suffering from IBD. Often times, the advice is to avoid sugar, which impacts the gastrointestinal tract. However, in an attempt to do the right thing, reaching for a sugar substitute, such as Splenda, can have a counter effect.

Fortunately, there are options! When it comes to IBD, getting to the root of the cause is important. It might be the diet itself or specific foods that are consumed on a consistent basis. So, the next step is to heal the gastrointestinal tract by detoxifying the body. This can be done by making food diversity a priority, avoiding anti-nutrients, buying fresh food, dodging heavy fiber, eating prebiotic-rich foods, and more.