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Skip the Sweet N Low! Do Artificial Sweeteners Make Crohn’s Disease Worse?

Sugar substitutes may exacerbate symptoms and aggravate flare-ups

Nevertheless, Rodriguez-Palacios and fellow researchers of the study cautioned that those with Crohn’s disease should think twice before consuming artificial sweeteners that contain sucralose, such as Splenda, as well as the digestible sweetener maltodextrin. The study does not ask or answer whether sweeteners cause Crohn’s disease but rather it suggests that sugar substitutes may exacerbate symptoms and aggravate flare-ups.

This is not the first time that artificial sweeteners have been a topic of interest. Certain dyes used in food, preservatives, and leavening powders have all been under investigation. In addition, it has been found that each individual’s metabolism and dietary preferences affects the impact of food additives. However, it all boils down to just because it tastes good, that does not necessarily mean that it is good for the body.