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Do Raspberry Ketones Promote Weight Loss?

Do Raspberry Ketones Promote Weight Loss?

What is Raspberry ketones?

Raspberry ketones are compounds that create the unique aroma raspberries project. These ketones are used in foods and cosmetics for enhancing flavor and aroma in the product. The extracted ketones from the berries contain a large amount of phenolic compounds that help to improve the fat burning process. Recently, this compound has been considered a magical potion for weight loss. Ketones are also used to promote hair growth. How do these ketones really help in weight loss? Are they really effective in burning fat? These are the normal doubts one may have when trying to decide if these claims are believable. 

There is no clear scientific evidence that proves raspberry ketones are effective for weight loss. However, some animal studies that were conducted did show that the use of these compounds helped to prevent further weight gain in mice. Moreover, these compounds were found to improve the rate of fat burning in animals. There are no clinical studies to prove the efficiency of these compounds in reducing body weight. Furthermore, It is still not clear whether or not these compounds have similar effects on metabolism and calorie burning in human beings. More scientific evidence is required to support the use of raspberry ketones in weight loss, obesity, and improving lean body mass.

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In general, these ketones are used in a number of food and cosmetic products and are considered safe. Yet, the long term effects of these compounds are not very clear. The potential side effects of these compounds are still unknown. Moreover, results of drug interactions with ketones are still unknown.

Side Effects

These compounds resemble many other stimulants that are normally used. It is possible that ketones may have several side effects like:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Restlessness
  • Palpitations

The evidence regarding the dosage and safety of these compounds are not concrete, so it is difficult to say whether ketones are vital for weight loss. The only sure way of losing weight is by following a healthy lifestyle and adding exercise in your daily routine.