Diet and Nutrition

Fruit for Diabetics: The Controversy

Lifestyle changes to make with diabetes: Exercise and have frequent visits with your doctor

Aside from a healthy diet, physical activity and some lifestyle changes are recommended to help manage diabetes. These include the following:


Now's the time to  get physically active if you haven’t started yet. Exercise has been proven to bring numerous health benefits. You do not need to join cross-training classes or go to the gym. You can simply walk, bike, or swim. The goal is to be physically active for 30 minutes and breathe and sweat a little harder for the majority of the week. Keeping an active lifestyle helps control your diabetes as it lessens your blood sugar. Aside from this, it also reduces your risk of having heart disease. It can also help you shed weight and ease stress.

Visit your doctor

It is likewise important to visit your doctor at least two times a year. Diabetes raises your risk of acquiring heart disease. So, it is best to keep track of your numbers: A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol. You should also have your eyes checked every year. Also, have a doctor check your foot for nerve damage or ulcers.