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GOLO Diet Review: Does GOLO Diet Work?

GOLO Diet Review: Does GOLO Diet Work?

Start living for yourself

In today's society, everyone leads a busy and hectic lifestyle. Work pressure of balancing multiple jobs, families to take care of, battling each day with the world along with keeping yourself fit and healthy have become such difficult tasks that they are considered to be mutually exclusive. Time after time, as the working hours have increased, so have our chances of being incapable of keeping ourselves fit.

GOLO diet doesn’t cut off your diet spontaneously, rather it gives you sufficient food servings to keep you energetic all through the day, while keeping you on a diet. GOLO diet is divided into 3 different sections, each serving equal importance to the success of this diet.

In 2016, Google released its list of top searched diet plans and GOLO diet occupied the no. 1 spot on the list. Many scientists and dieticians came together over the course of years and together with well-researched data and scientific techniques, they invented or made this diet. GOLO diet is a science-driven diet plan, which guarantees weight loss.

You can only give so much time to exercise, especially when your job requires you to sit at one place for long periods of time. Some people's schedule allows them to workout every day, but still they find they are not getting into shape. Distressingly, working out isn't the only factor on which you can depend to be completely healthy and fit.

Our lifestyle choices are almost countless in number and the diversity can be both good and bad for our health. Why is it that putting ourselves first and taking care of our well being is said to be selfish? The art of living lies in balancing your life in such a way that all your responsibilities don't come in your way of leading a life full of joy and free of health issues.

You are only able to work towards making a good life when you are happily healthy. Don't just work towards making a living, work towards actually living, long and healthy. Do it for the people who love you and depend upon you, and most importantly, do it for yourself.

Eat your way towards a healthier life

You should respect your body enough to make some positive changes in your life. But how exactly are we supposed to take care of ourselves when we barely get the time? The answer is pretty simple and easy if you think about it. "You are what you eat." I bet you have heard that saying quite often. Though, the meaning of it goes deeper than you think. Eating affects your body along with your state of mind in more ways than you know. 

What is the GOLO Diet?

We have been taught about the importance of having a balanced diet since we were very young, but it is often taken lightly. A good diet is one which has an adequate amount of nutrients, which are required for us to perform our daily functions and maintain our health. A very well balanced diet includes carbohydrates, digesting fibers, vitamins, proteins, fats, minerals and water. These seven nutrients are to be consumed on a daily basis. But if a diet provides you with such needs, you need not take more than an adequate amount. An adequate amount of grains, milk, green leafy vegetables, meat, and fruits in proportions will keep you up and running for the long run.

  • Phase 1 - In the first step, you are required to take in plant-based supplements. These supplements are scientifically proven and well studied , thus they will not create any allergy (just consult your doctor). These supplements come in capsule form, which is easy to manage and for tracking of doses as well. As for the ingredients, the core of the supplements is flaxseed oil and plant ingredients. Over the time of intake, it will gradually control and enhance your insulin performance. You should take these supplements before meals, to guard you against overindulging in food.  The supplements help you burn the stored fat, but also remember to exercise while on diet.
  • Phase 2 - This phase is relatively easy to go with. All this phase requires is to eat food which is metabolism friendly i.e. berries, celery, chia seeds etc. This phase will balance out your meal plan, leading you towards a healthy lifestyle. This phase will also escalate your energy level and utilize it at its best without scorching the insulin.
  • Phase 3 - The last phase ensures that you will not gain the weight you just lost. Almost 90% of the people who go on a diet gain the lost weight the moment they go back to their normal lifestyle. This phase teaches you that dieting doesn’t mean only losing weight, but rather living a healthy life.

The Golden Rules of Dieting

  • It has been observed that people who keep snacking in short interval of times are the ones to lose weight faster.
  • A little bit of treating yourself doesn't hurt as long as you keep it in the right amount.
  • Eating according to the clock is highly recommended and necessary. Skipping your breakfast would not help you lose that weight. People who eat untimely and skip meals are more likely to fall ill.
  • If looking at certain food items makes you want to devour them, look away! It's that simple. Don't let those midnight cravings win you over. It could be hard if there are people at home who eat junk food. But your health is your own responsibility.
  • It's pretty sad when people associate dieting with eating food that has no flavor. Experiment with your food. Make something new. Salads and vegetables can taste great if you cook and season them well.
  • Lack of sleep could lead to irregular eating patterns. If you don't get enough sleep, then it just means that you are not serious as sleeping is critically essential.
  • Coffee, soda, and alcohol can actually make you feel more dehydrated and add to your calories. So, drink water as much as you can.
  • People are always in a hurry to lose weight, but it just doesn't work that way. It's best to lose weight slowly and naturally. It will happen.
  • Walk your way step by step. There's no need to be following strict and extreme dieting rules, especially if you are just starting out. Try to keep it simple and working.
  • There are hundreds of ways to have a healthy workout and they don't need to be conventional. Take yourself cycling on a weekend, go hiking with a friend, take dance classes, set a record at swimming, play with your kids, do household chores, walk faster as you casually go from here to there, and chew your food slower than usual. All that is going to make your metabolism improve. Fats will be broken down at a higher rate.
  • If your health conditions only seem to be worsening, there is no shame in asking for professional help. Instead of trying to cure yourself, it's always better to ask someone who knows better than you. A dietician would provide you with a diet chart which would include exactly what you need to eat to become a fitter and healthier you.
  • If fake pills from fake adverts are all it took for people to get into shape, nobody would be unhealthy today. Without the permission of a legitimate authorized doctor, refrain from using such medication. It might have an adverse effect on your health. Your appetite may drop plus you might experience some side effects which these companies often hide from their buyers.
  • Every time you eat something, use a mouthwash or a mint. The fresh sensation in your mouth will send a signal to the brain that the eating time is over.
  • Whenever you walk, no matter how little, try to walk faster. Walking faster results in burning calories faster than walking at a normal speed.
  • Learn to chew slowly. Make it a habit. When you chew slower, it gives enough time for the brain to start metabolism and you are kept from gaining excess weight.
  • Whenever you eat, make sure you take the amount that you can actually eat. Always eat 1 spoon, one slice, one bread loaf less than you intended. Most of the times, we eat more than necessary because it tastes good or we are bored. It's also a fact that people who watch TV while eating tend to eat more food.
The Golo Diet

Common Myths around Dieting

For a large number of young teens, dieting has been equal to self-starvation. In order to compete with peer pressure and look thinner, youngsters think that not eating is the only way to become beautiful. But beautiful isn't what society tells. Beautiful is being healthy. And being thin doesn't necessarily mean healthy. Dieting is in no way associated with eating less. Dieting means eating a sufficient amount of the food that is right for you.

Another myth is that dieting alone will make you free from extra body fats. Dieting without exercising, even if it is a little, and expecting to shed weight is like walking around in circles. It's never going to work. The most common myth of all is that dieting should only be done by those who are overweight. Do not listen to anyone who tells you this. The sole purpose of dieting is eating right for your mental and physical well-being.

Stay determined, hardworking and patient. And soon, you will have a healthy body and mind.

Expert Opinion on GOLO Diet

GOLO diet has been gaining popularity because of its effective way of losing weight. GOLO diet doesn’t really have any restrictions when it comes to food as long as you are eating healthy. You can devour bread, pasta, spaghetti to anything, this factor makes it a very suitable diet to go with for people who are just getting started with dieting.

You can also join GOLO diet if you want to live a healthier life as the main aim of the GOLO diet isn’t all about losing weight, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A diet which is designed by the scientists themselves has very few loopholes. GOLO diet is like a dark horse, hidden until now, but thanks to Google, it is now gaining recognition all around the globe. GOLO diet says a big NO to calorie counting and to top that, it provides you with supplements which actually help you lose weight. The results are tried and tested. There is a reason behind GOLO diet getting the top spot on Google’s most searched diet plan list.

The only diminishing fact about this diet is that it is quite unknown to go for. Very few people have actually tried the diet, it is still budding and due to the fact it provides supplements, some people do criticize and oppose this diet.  They say supplements or artificial food never work as good as natural ones. Eventually, it is up to you, choose wisely and work towards a healthy lifestyle.