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Allie’s Gluten Free Goodness Is a Tasty Treat for Celiac Patients

Allie became a baker once she observed that her food allergies passed down to her children.

Luckman didn't become a baker until she saw that her own food tolerances were genetic and passed down to her two children. Food allergies and celiac disease have become so wide-spread that all parents with young children are familiar with phrases like “gluten-free” and “dairy allergy.” However, just because everyone has heard of these allergies, it doesn’t mean that everyone understands them. Allie found herself being on phone calls, trying to map out what her own kids could eat at birthday and class parties. Allie explains that she really first “went into business because [her] then-19-year-old, newly-diagnosed daughter couldn’t find anything she enjoyed eating and she was feeling frustrated and unhappy.” Allie’s bakery was born out of a mother’s determination to make her child as happy as possible.

Photo source: Allies GF Goodies (Instagram)