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Allie’s Gluten Free Goodness Is a Tasty Treat for Celiac Patients

Her road to starting a gluten-free bakery was anything but easy.

However, this was not an easy process. “My first recipe took over four months to formulate and was a labor of love,” Allie explains. After trying out innumerable recipes, Allie has made an art out of creating melt-in-your-mouth desserts and other baked goods that are totally common allergen-free. including the world’s only gluten-free pumpernickel bagels.

“When I found that there were just so many people responding and wanting my products for the same reason I knew there was something missing,” Allie explains. “When I was building my facility I was approached by a mother with a child with several allergies asking me to remove tree nuts and eggs from my recipes. Well, I was already peanut-and-gluten-free, and I had been baking egg-free for years for my son. Removing tree nuts from gluten-free recipes was a bit of a challenge but my philosophy from the beginning was always #nochildleftout. That remains our motto today.”