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Gluten-Free Meals for Children

Gluten-Free Meals for Children

Gluten-Free Meals for Children

Until a few years ago cases of celiac disease diagnosed were little more than a rarity, nowadays it is common to find more and more children with this type of intolerance. It is not that cases have increased, but there are more people being diagnosed for celiac disease, and lowering the average age of diagnosis. Some children are even diagnosed at 9 years old.

For people thinking their children may suffer from celiac disease, there are easy ways to detect it. For example, parents can be very attentive when children lose weight, feel irritability or have abdominal pain. Gluten is a group of proteins present in some cereals, especially wheat. The latter is related to other grain cereals such as rye, barley and oats, because these grains also have some gluten in their composition.

It is important if the children are going to have lunch at school that parents clearly specify what kind of food their children can eat, and also communicate to teachers about this condition. It is also important to take into account the kind of food celiac kids can have for their breaks. Knowing how much they enjoy this part of their routine at school, it should be something rewarding for putting much effort to whatever they are studying. 

  • Fruits of all kinds- cu
  • t bananas, apples, mandarins into small pieces. Also in your mini fruit salads include oranges, strawberries, pears or oranges. Include peaches too.  For a homemade smoothies or milkshake change the fruits.
  • Dried fruits and nuts- serve it raw and do not fry it. Examples of this include hazelnuts, almonds or walnuts. Also include coconut which is a sweet dry fruit. Since these types of nuts are high in fat and sugar the portions need to be small.
  • Natural yogurts- they can be an excellent addition to the breakfast. Also they are available in many different flavours. To any of the fruit salad they can be a perfect side. From time to time they can also enjoy ice cream. For celiac people it is better if the ice cream is home made.
  • Bread sandwiches that are gluten free- sandwiches can be enjoyed with fresh cheese, sausages or butter. Specifically check that sausages are gluten free. Similarly check all the processed foods too. Sometimes during production, due to cross contamination there is chances that gluten can be introduced hence check these food items specially. Between different types of gluten free bread you can alternate. Also in your snack you can include from time to time gluten free snack such as chocolates or cookies.

Following are the options for lunch:

  • Cooked ham, Serrano ham of extra quality, fresh meats
  • Seafood
  • Fish
  • Milk and derivatives
  • Legumes, fruits, vegetables, tubers
  • Sugar, honey, butter, edible fat, oils
  • Soft drinks, sparkling drinks and coffee infusions
  • Salt, wine, nuts, vinegar, raw spices
  • Also what kind of food should be avoided it is important to know. Prohibited foods are
  • Wheat, bread, rye, barley, triticale
  • Prohibited foods- pasta, breads, starch, flour, pies, cakes, biscuit, milks, malt drinks, wheat semolina, cereal derived fermented or distilled beverages, buns. `            


Always check the ingredient when buying processed products. Eliminate from your diet all the handcrafted, unlabelled products or those that do not enlist the ingredients. It will become a habit if you manipulate food.

You should take acre of what you consume in restaurant. At some places there are special menus for children that have celiac disease.

It is advisable that at home you remove wheat flour and with gluten free ingredients replace them. If you suspect that any food contains gluten, then avoid consuming it.

After an intestinal biopsy, gluten free diet should be started. Also after you have experienced gluten intolerance, follow a gluten free diet.  To your lifestyle strictly add gluten free food. any product that contains gluten should be avoided.

Celiac disease is transmitted within some cases after surgical intervention, viral infection, pregnancy, childbirth, emotional stress the disease becomes active for the first time or sometimes it is triggered.  Children suffering from celiac disease may suffer from allergy five times greater than adults. Hence according to the specific needs of the child, tailor the gluten free diet and it is important to monitor their diet. However, this does not mean to compromise with a balanced diet. By making small modification it is always possible to enjoy the dishes.