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Gluten-Free Meals for Children

Tips for a Gluten-Free Diet for Children

Switching to a gluten-free diet requires a period of adaptation. Children must make this commitment throughout their lives to be in good health. These tips can be helpful to carry on despite of the disease:

  • When buying processed products, always check the ingredients. As a general rule, all bulk products, those handcrafted, and those that are not labelled or do not list their ingredients should be eliminated from the diet. Manipulating food will become a habit.
  • In restaurants, care must be taken with what is consumed. In school some cafes offer menus specially prepared for children with celiac disease.
  • At home, it is advisable to remove wheat flour and normal breadcrumbs and replace them with gluten-free ingredients to batter or prepare thick sauces. When in doubt, avoid consuming products suspected of containing gluten.

The gluten-free diet should be started after an intestinal biopsy and having demonstrated that there is no doubt that gluten intolerance exists. Gluten-free food should be strictly added to their lifestyle, eliminating any product containing gluten.