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Grocery List Alert for Diabetics

Have an event to go to? Try to be smart with your diabetic diet

Birthdays, holidays, special dinners, weddings, family reunions, get-togethers and all those other celebratory activities that you go to can be just as enjoyable, even if you have diabetes. Words of advice: don’t overdo the sugar-free foods. Diabetes isn’t just about the sweet stuff, it's about carbs, too. Sugar-free foods still have carbohydrates and calories. It might just be more satisfying with a little nibble of the real thing rather than the no-sugar version.

If you go out and celebrate, you need to decide which event is worthy of a small treat. If you have made the decision ahead of time, you won’t just indulge on a whim. Be choosy and make a mental or a paper list of your favorite treats. Make these your priorities, so you don’t waste your food choices on things you really don’t like and are filled with calories and carbs. If you can, keep track of how many grams of carbs the foods you are eating contain. Be aware that honey, molasses, and icings have more carbohydrates than you would think.

Be smart and cut back on other carb-containing foods during the party and enjoy a small portion of something you love. It’s okay to try a sliver of cheesecake or pie if you skip the second helping of stuffing. If you love potato salad on summer days, cut back on eating carb-filled chips.

If you do eat, or drink more than you should at a party, work it off. Try dancing harder, or walking around the block, or go for a bike ride the next day. Learn how your body reacts to sugary foods, drinks, and alcohol and take steps to mitigate the damaging effects. Check your blood sugar levels before and after your party.