Diet and Nutrition

How Foods and Fats Can Impact Crohn's Disease

Speak with your doctor before making any dietary changes

The basic principles for a Crohn’s specific diet are pretty much the same as those for the rest of the general population. Meaning your diet should include a balanced mix of complex carbohydrates, protein rich foods, lower amounts of animal based fats (“bad” fats) and increased amounts of plant and fish derived fats (“good” fats). Together with fruits, vegetables and water, these things help to provide the energy, vitamins and trace elements that are necessary to ensure good health. Proper nutrition is imperative for a strong and functioning immune system and to increase the efficacy of your other medical therapies.

As with any aspect of Crohn’s, speaking candidly and openly with your doctor and other medical professionals about your dietary needs will make for a better experience and happier, healthier life.