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If Men Drink Carbonated Drinks Regularly, Can it Lead to Other Health Complications?

If Men Drink Carbonated Drinks Regularly, Can it Lead to Other Health Complications?

It goes without saying that sugar content in carbonated beverages is the major culprit for being overweight. In addition to this fact, sugary soda is also known to worsen certain conditions, like osteoarthritis, particularly in men. These soft drinks are found to be associated with disease progression, as reported in several studies. The risk of worsening the disease increases with increased consumption of sugary beverages. This is true of men who are not overweight or obese, but are showing that progression of the disease is independent of the joint damage caused by excess weight.

Cartilage is the tissue that functions as a shock absorber, and protects the joints from frictional damage. Osteoarthritis is a joint disorder resulting from wear and tear of the joints, when cartilage breaks down at certain regions of the joint. As the friction increases, the symptoms of osteoarthritis, including pain, start appearing. Many also complain of joint stiffness, along with pain in this condition.

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Some of the known risk factors of osteoarthritis are age, knee injuries, and stress. Thus, if you are a person with osteoarthritis, you should limit the intake of carbonated soda. Some experts are of the opinion that men with osteoarthritis should completely avoid having sugary drinks. An increase in body weight is harmful, and adding an extra pound is equivalent to adding four pounds of extra dead weight on the knees. Considering the progression this disease, as well as the chances of adding extra weight, sugary soft drinks are to be avoided for healthy living.

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