Diet and Nutrition

Low Residue Foods, Menus, and More

These diet is easy to abuse, so it's important to be careful

One problem doctors tend to see in patients that practice this diet is the continuation of the diet long after it’s necessary, which is problematic. A healthy gastrointestinal tract should have a bowel movement every day, it’s only in extenuating circumstances like the ones listed above, that a low residue diet is beneficial for the period of time it takes to recover. Maintaining this diet for the long term not only robs your body of essential nutrients, but prevents your GI tract from getting back to a normal level of functioning.

Another thing doctors see in patients who undergo the low residue diet is the assumption that the only thing the patient can eat is pasta and bread. Patients are allowed, and should take advantage of, the 10-15 grams or less of fiber in their diet. Just because the diet requires a low amount of fiber intake doesn’t mean it should be eliminated altogether. Eliminating fiber could cause the digestive tract to stall, creating an entirely new set of problems for the patient.