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Military Diet Results: Before and After

Military Diet Results: Before and After

What is the military diet?

The 3-day military diet is a plan that is intended to help you lose weight very quickly. It promises to help you shed ten pounds a single week, and is also not as limited as other diet plans. 

The diet goes by several names, such as the navy diet, ice cream diet, and army diet. The military diet is a 3-day diet meal plan (1100-1300 daily calories) followed immediately by a four day break from the diet, and repeating the cycle over and over in the proceeding weeks until the desired weight is achieved.

However, the diet is not restricted to military or government institutions.

Who should use the military diet?

You should use the military diet if you are looking to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. You should not use the military diet if you are looking for a long-term diet or a lifestyle change. The military diet may not be safe for long-term use.

Is the military diet real?

For effective and maximum results, avoid giving in to bad eating habits on your 4 days off. You may crave junk food, but if you eat healthily in the restricted 3-day period, it will be easier to make healthy choices during your 4 "free" days. If possible, find some healthy substitutes for junk foods so that this diet is not done in vain. For example, switch from sodas to flavored sparkling water, and from chips to rice cakes.

During or shortly after your four off days, you are recommended to eat normally and not over-compensate for lack of calories, because it is possible to gain back the weight lost.

Eat lean proteins, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and choose carbs wisely.

How does the military diet work?

For the first 3 days, you must follow a set of meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with no snacks in between the meals. Your calorie intake at the end of each day must be between 1100 and 1300, much lower than the standard recommended calorie intake.

For the remaining 4 days, stay on a normal but healthful diet that matches appropriate calorie intake for your body type.

People who have used the military diet note that it is very effective in weight loss. However, there is no scientific evidence to show that certain foods help you lose or gain weight. Most of weight loss can be achieved by low calorie intake (although not as fast), and this also correlates with water weight, which is restored when you go back to your usual eating habits.

The diet is based on the idea of cutting calories to lose weight, regardless of exercise. The diet is proven to help in weight loss and there are many testimonies to affirm this. Its effects, however, may be influenced by genetics, hormones, and how active you are physically.

Before beginning the 3-day military diet to lose weight, you should consider whether the diet will suit your body well. If you are going to start this diet, it's essential to make sure you consume a wide variety of nutritious foods that are low in calories. This diet also demands that you cut and highly refined foods. At the very least, the 3-day military diet will teach you which foods are the most nutritious and filling with the least amount of calories.

Why does the 3 days Military Diet Work?

What are the benefits of the military diet?

According to military diet reviews, here are the most popular benefits:

  • The short time period of restricted eating makes the diet flexible as a whole, compared to other diets.
  • It is inexpensive compared to other diets. There are absolutely no supplemental requirements for this diet.
  • It is easier to prepare meals, as many of them don't require too much cooking.

What are the risks involved in the military diet?

According to medical professionals, it is better to lose weight permanently through change in diet and lifestyle, rather than a harsh change in diet. Prolonged food restriction can lead to malnutrition issues. Weight loss outcomes are best when they happen slowly and gradually. Working for accelerated weight loss results usually ends up in loss of lean tissue and water as opposed to fat. 

Rapid weight loss techniques are more suited for people impacted with weight issues like obesity. Such measures are prolonged and need to be monitored by your doctor to uphold your health. After reaching your desired weight, do not indulge in unhealthy eating and living. Continue eating healthy foods and always include exercise sessions in your lifestyle change.

Military diet results

If you follow the military diet strictly, you are likely to lose weight. Make sure to set appropriate and reasonable goals for yourself, and don't alter the diet.

Calorie requirement varies from person to person. It is not advised to consume fewer than 1200 calories a day, as this can lead to malnutrition and neurological impacts such as irritability

In order to achieve the best results, do not extend the limited 3-day period for more than three days, and do not partake in rigorous exercise during this period. 

Military diet menu plan

The most important aspect of the military diet is planning your meals during the restrictive 3-day period. All of the meals should be predetermined and your job will only be to follow the set instructions.

Below is an example of acceptable meals over the 3-day period.

Day 1

Breakfast: ½ grapefruit, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, one cup of coffee or caffeinated tea, and one slice of toast

Lunch: ½ cup of tuna, one cup of coffee or caffeinated tea and one slice of toast

Dinner: 3 ounces of any kind of meat, ½ a banana, one cup of green beans, 1 small apple and one cup of vanilla ice cream

Day 2

Breakfast: 1 egg prepared any style, ½ a banana, and one slice of toast

Lunch: 5 saltine crackers, one cup of cottage cheese, and one hard-boiled egg

Dinner: 2 hot dogs excluding a bun, ½ a cup of carrots, one cup of broccoli, ½ a banana, ½ a cup of vanilla ice cream

Day 3

Breakfast: 1 small apple, five saltine crackers, one slice of cheddar cheese

Lunch: 1 slice of toast and one egg prepared any style

Dinner: ½ a banana, one cup of tuna, one cup of vanilla ice cream

If you follow the above diet for the first three days, it is normal that you will get hungry. However, your body can get used to it until the fourth day comes, where you can eat normally.

Things to keep in mind

Always consider any foods you're allergic to. You can slightly modify the diet if you get tired of the same food choices. Boredom may lead you to stray from the 3-day military diet. If you choose to add your own modifications for health reasons or any other reason, ensure the substitute food has the same or almost similar nutritional value. Some of the best foods to pick as a substitute have been provided.

The most important thing to remember about the military diet is that it does not encourage permanent calorie-cutting, but rather limits the amount of calories you can have in a day. If you pick something with a high calorie content, then you can say goodbye to your future results. This diet lasts for only three days.

This diet can be repeated for more than one week, but do so with caution so that you don’t end up with nutritional deficiencies. 

During the 3-day period, each meal should be below 500 calories. During these three days, focus on proteins to help keep you fuller longer.

Increase the quantity of fruits, vegetables, and meat. You will be surprised how little calories are in cups and cups of vegetables.

Shopping should be economical and should be done a week before your diet change. Only shop for one week at a time in case you overbuy or get bored of the diet after a week or two.

The below foods can be cooked and prepared in different ways to keep things exciting:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Berries (for example blueberries and strawberries)
  • Celery
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Hot dogs (negligible processed, sausage based)
  • Eggs
  • Whole grain bread
  • Saltine crackers
  • Peanut butter
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cheddar or mozzarella cheese

Military diet before and after pictures

The best tried-and-true way to lose fat and weight is to burn more calories than you consume. The military diet achieves this quite well, since its effects kick in at a normal pace, making you attain your goals in a relatively healthy manner compared to other fad diets.

If you are already fit and at a normal weight for your body type, you should first consult with your doctor prior to starting the 3-day military diet or any other restrictive diet plan. Don’t trust misleading advice.

Don’t try the military diet if you:

  • Have severe medical complications
  • Are diabetic
  • Are breast-feeding or pregnant
  • Are anemic
  • Have a history of eating disorders
  • Have a history of deficiency

Military diet substitutions: Replacing calories

Remember, when substituting foods, do so with food containing equal caloric value (this is the main concept when swapping food). The amount, weight, replacement and portions of food do not count as long as you are really sure that the required amount of calories is met.

Four ounces of cottage cheese has near equal calorie content as one ounce of cheddar cheese. There is a huge difference in their proportions, but the calorific content still remains the same.

The calorie content of tuna compared to that of twenty almonds is almost equal. The amount of food can vary to great extents, but always keep the amount of calories the same.

The military diet can be subject to modification as you wish. This diet has very few rules and it is also really simple to understand and to follow. This allows you to be creative with your diet while still keeping your calorie intake in place.


Many people have a dislike for grapefruit since it is quite bitter. Still, there are numerous fruits that can substitute the same nutritional value. Oranges and other citrus fruits can be eaten but don’t have as much nutritional value. If you don't like grapefruit, dissolve ½ tablespoon of baking soda in water and take. Like grapefruit, baking soda adjusts your body's pH levels to make ana ideal fat-burning environment.

Peanut butter

If you just hate the taste of peanut butter or are allergic to it, swap with a different type of nut butter or just plain nuts. For example, consider almonds, cashews, or sunflower nut butter.


If you don’t like fish, consider a swap. Substitute your tuna with food that can provide an equal amount of protein. That can be turkey or extra-lean beef, or lean chicken. Vegetarians should eat tofu, cottage cheese, nuts, or legumes instead of meat. Choose what works best to avoid protein deficiencies.

Meat replacements

Meat is recommended because of the high protein content. However, you can always replace meat and still have protein. Foods that are high in protein include beans, tofu, lentils, or quinoa. Protein is essential for your daily energy levels, and therefore is the most important part of the 3-day military diet.

Banana substitutes

Some people find the taste and/or texture of bananas unappetizing. You can substitute two kiwis, a cup of papaya, or two apricots. Other equivalent foods are plums, grapes, or a serving of applesauce. Always ensure you maintain the same calorie intake as a banana, which is approximately 80 to 90 calories.

Key Takeaways

  • Rapid weight loss techniques can be dangerous, and are more suited for people heavily impacted with weight issues like obesity
  • The military diet is intended to help you lose weight in a short time, which might be ideal for summertime or a big event.
  • The military diet requires you to eat strictly for 3 days, then normally for 4.
  • Many people have seen successful military diet results.