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Bulletproof Coffee: Clogs Your Arteries with Butter

Adding butter to your coffee may sound strange, but this has become a popular weight loss method for many. But butter is filled with saturated fats that clog your arteries and increase your cholesterol.  This is a newer trend, and it isn't necessarily a diet. This coffee has been made from coffee beans in Tibet and claims to be effective in losing weight. This coffee is a mixture of low-mold coffee beans, grass fed butter, and oil. Butter and oil may sound fattening but it's supposed to boost the calorie content of your coffee to about 400, and is supposed to increase cognition, enhance energy and reduce the feeling of hunger. So, it sounds good, but why isn't it?

While it is somewhat effective, we have more calories when we chew our food rather than drink it. So, while this coffee has healthy fats within it, it won't be as effective as chewing them. The Reader's Digest suggests eating healthy fats instead, such as avocados, nuts, butters, and oils. 

Sorry coffee drinkers on the go! You may have to opt for something different.