Diet and Nutrition

Popular Diets That Don't Work

Give Yourself the Right to Cheat

Letting loose every once in a while is OK, and actually proven to be effective in helping you maintain your weight loss goals.  Discipline is great, but giving yourself a cheat day here and there can make you happier and healthier.  Studies show that people who cheat off their regular diet once a week, are more satisfied and leaner than those who do not.

Also Try Eating "Clean"

There has been much misinformation as to what clean eating actually is. Clean eating revolves around eating unprocessed, whole foods that are fresh and prepared at home.  Clean eating has become an obsession among some Americans in the U.S. and while it is a great concept, be careful not to obsess.

So, while it really isn't a bad concept because you are eating more fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and healthy fats (especially since it includes most of the food groups), it still reflects the idea of perfectionism. The key here is to not let it get too out of hand and do the proper research when looking into what you should and shouldn't eat.