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Popular Diets That Don't Work

Intermittent Fasting : Dehydration and Heartburn

Another popular diet fad is intermittent fasting, which means not eating at certain times. Because you are going 10-16 hours with no food in your stomach, many fasters complain of severe heartburn and headaches. This requires very careful planning when you are trying to lose weight. While this puts your body in a fasting state and helps you use your stored fat for energy, there is currently no evidence that shows that it's effective for long-term weight loss. But, why? Eating less makes sense when you want to lose the weight? But, there are also risks that you must consider, like over-eating during the times when you have to eat. 

If you choose to follow intermittent fasting, here are a couple of tricks:

  • Have foods that combine fiber and protein, and limit yourself on net-carbs without fiber. That way you aren't missing out on the most important food groups. 
  • Make sure to eat foods that have a high water content, like certain fruits and vegetables. These foods can help you stay hydrated.
  • If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, do not follow this diet. If you have issues with adrenal fatigue or circadian rhythm, start slowly.