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Popular Diets That Don't Work

The 17 Day Diet: Burns Muscle Not Fat

Because of the sudden decrease in calories, down to 1000 per day, many users that have tried the 17 Day Diet note that it burns muscle instead of fat. It can also result in abnormal menstrual cycles. While the 17 Day Diet has many benefits, it is also restrictive and requires someone who can be meticulous in sticking to and recording their eating habits.   It is designed for rapid loss, by helping your metabolism, shedding points, and building new habits. But, for every 17 days your diet completely alters in calorie count and food combination, for about 4 cycles, to have your metabolism constantly in that fat-burning state. Think about, changing up your diet consistently will be unpredictable for your metabolism, it won't know how much it will have to process at a time so it would just be at a faster rate. The 17 Day Diet involves lean meats, produce rich in antioxidants, probiotics, and good fats. However, you must avoid processed foods, sugar, and salty and fried foods. The diet starts out restrictive, but users can add different foods and BistroMD offers menus per week to help.

The Benefits:

Exercise is required to keep up with the diet. You must exercise 6 days a week and the book offers a 17 minute weightlifting and cardio workout. The use of probiotics does promote general weight loss and is a good aid for weight loss as well. Because the diet includes healthy foods, exercise, and overall good habits, you can achieve weight loss or, at the very least, weight management.

The Disadvantages:

Critics aren't sure how right the claim on a faster metabolism is. So, the diet is questionable. If you also suffer from kidney disease, then this diet may be too dangerous for you. The exercise portion may also be difficult if you suffer heart disease or other related medical conditions.