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Popular Diets That Don't Work

The Diet Summery


In addition to the Keto diet, Whole30 was also at the bottom of the list. One of the primary reasons that Whole30 was so low was that it doesn’t provide long term benefits. The goal of the diet is to radically change your eating style over a 30-day period as a sort of restorative detox. Experts have noted that the claims of the diet are not backed up by research, and on top of that the diet is not built to last. Whole30 is extremely difficult to follow, and for many people it’s manageable, for that first month. After that, it’s easy to fall back into old habits. While users might experience some results during their 30 days, it’s unlikely that these benefits will actually create a healthier lifestyle.

The HCG Diet

The HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, diet is approved to treat fertility problems. But due to its caloric requirements, it may appeal to dieters. However, the HCG diet is not recommended due to the risk of malnutrition from severely extreme calorie cuts.

The Atkins Diet

Even though the Atkins diet was developed decades ago, it's still a semi-popular choice for fad dieters. It requires you to increase your fiber intake while limiting carbs. But most of the weight lost on the Atkins diet is water weight, and the weight loss is much too sudden. Anyone who wants to develop a healthy lifestyle shouldn't try carb-limiting diets like Atkin

The 17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet actually includes some valuable information for dieters, such as teaching to substitute unhealthy common ingredients for healthy ones. These habits can stick and help create a healthy lifestyle. But researchers say that some rules within the diet, such as avoiding fruit after 2pm, have no benefit.

But researchers say that some rules within the diet, such as avoiding fruit after 2pm, have no benefit.

The DASH and Mediterranean diets come out on top

In contrast to the worst diets, the diets that ranked the best tended to have a more long-term focus and be more sustainable. That shouldn't come as a surprise!

The DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet were tied for the top spot on the list. The DASH diet is designed to reduce blood pressure by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and reducing sodium intake. Similarly, the Mediterranean diet emphasizes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and good fats from sources like olive oil and fish. The Mediterranean diet also comes with a recommended glass of red wine, which could be a big draw for some users.

Weight Watchers still ranks among the best

The Weight Watchers program was also in a top spot on the list of best diets. Since 2015, Weight Watchers has focused on helping users develop a healthy lifestyle that they’ll practice continually, rather than adopting short term changes. Weight Watchers doesn’t require users to completely cut out many foods; instead, the program is focused on balancing meals and moderating the sizes and amounts of portions that are consumed.

Dieting has become such a popular word in the American vocabulary that it almost seems like a national pastime. Countless Americans are obsessed with losing weight and building muscle mass and definition. With such a clamor for results, it’s no surprise that living a healthy lifestyle has become an incredibly lucrative market in the United States. These diets have been ranked as the best and worst by the US News and World Report in 2017. 

You may be asking, why? But, if you read on, we'll break down all the facts for you.