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The Best Food for Eye Health

The Best Food for Eye Health

The 6 Best Food for Eye Health

Eating healthy is good for your whole body — especially your eyes! You've probably heard that carrots and other orange-colored fruits and vegetables promote eye health and protect vision, and it's true. Beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A that gives these foods their orange color helps the retina and other parts of the eye to function smoothly. However, eating your way to good eyesight isn't only about beta-carotene. Though their connection to vision isn't as well-known, several other vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy eyes. To ensure long-term eye health, maintain a colorful diet rich with vitamins A, C and E and don’t forget zinc and fatty acids, too!

So, make these six foods a staple of your diet to keep your eyes in tip-top shape:


These fruits are powerhouses of vitamin C, which has been shown to reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts. Their antioxidant properties can even protect against glaucoma!

Bell peppers

Red bell peppers help support healthy night vision. Red bell peppers are high in vitamin A, which helps to support healthy eyesight, especially night vision. So when it comes to bell peppers, seeing red is a good thing!

Kale & Spinach

Antioxidants protect against eye damage from things like sunlight, cigarette smoke, and air pollution. These leafy greens are loaded with two of the best for eyes, lutein and zeaxanthin. They get into the lens and retina of your eye, and they are believed to absorb damaging visible light. Eating a cooked 10-ounce block of frozen spinach over the course of a week will help lower your risk of age-related eye disease.

Sweet potatoes

These orange tubers are a good source of beta carotene, which may slow progress of macular degeneration. Your body converts beta carotene to vitamin A, a nutrient that helps prevent dry eyes and night blindness. Beta carotene and vitamin A also help reduce the risk eye infections and they can be found in sweet potatoes.

Wild salmon

Rich in omega-3s, the omega-3 fat DHA is concentrated in your eye's retina. It provides structural support to cell membranes that boost eye health and protect retinal function, and research suggests eating more foods rich in these fats may slow macular degeneration. In fact, those with the highest intake of animal-based omega-3 fats have a 60 percent lower risk of advanced macular degeneration compared to those who consume the least.

Chia seeds

It has been shown that beta-carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C are helpful with preventing macular degeneration. Likewise, damage from free radicals can be stopped by ingesting antioxidants, as well as the mineral zinc, two things known for their ability to help prevent macular degeneration. All of these supplemental materials are available in Chia seeds, and in abundant supply. By taking a regular dose of Chia every day, you can prevent macular degeneration from occurring.

Undoubtedly, eyesight is one of our most important senses. So, make sure to include these six healthy foods in your regular diet and they will help keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp.