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The Best Places to Buy Cheap Gluten-Free Foods

Some states also list where you can find specific food stores online that fit your needs.

Other places to find gluten-free foods are at your local health food stores. If you check online at, you will see a state by state list of significant health food stores. Examples in Arizona include Sunflower Farmer’s market that offers “serious food with silly prices.“

California has many health food options. One exciting possibility is Mother’s Market 7 Kitchen in Costa Mesa, California. It is advertised as a fresh, organic, and delicious natural food store. Also, check out Kristina’s Ranch Market in Fresno. Kristina's is a natural food and supplement store.

Colorado has a huge list of health foods stores. You can even find a health food store that carries gluten-free products in the District of Columbia at the Wellness Café that feature a selection of organic, foods, vitamins, supplements and sports nutrition. They even cater!

Michigan residents can find gluten-free options at Grains 7 Greens in Bay City, Loving life Health Food Center in Detroit, and Harvest Health in Grand Rapids.

Montana has incredible health food stores. Shop at The Hungry Moose Market Deli in Big Sky or Good Earth Market in Billings, Montana. Mountain Valley Foods in Kalispell is a fun health food store, and you can find gluten-free foods on a separate aisle in this store.

New Jersey lists health food stores Higher Grounds Café & Natural Foods Store in Cape May and  Everything Natural Too in Monroe Township New Jersey. They advertise a wide selection of gluten-free products.

If you think that health food stores are pricey, give health foods stores in our area a call and check out their prices and availability of products. You may be surprised at what you find in the way of gluten-free foods that are reasonably priced.