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The Gluten-Free Verdict on Quaker Oats and General Mills

Quaker Oats now has strict guidelines on the production of gluten-free products

Quaker Oats tried to fix their process by resorting to a stricter production and testing method for all of their gluten-free products, especially with oats.

This new method was intended to mirror the one recently adopted by the CFA:

"oat groats are collected from gluten-free oat production following a robust attribute-based sampling plan then split into 75-g subsamples, and ground. R-Biopharm R5 sandwich ELISA R7001 is used for analysis of all the first 15-g portions of the ground sample. A less than 20-ppm result disqualifies the production lot, while a greater than 5 to less than 20-ppm result triggers complete analysis of the remaining 60-g of the ground sample, analyzed in 15-g portions. If all five 15-g test results are less than 20 ppm, and their average is less than 10.67 ppm (since a 20-ppm contaminant in 40 g of oats would dilute to 10.67 ppm in 75-g), the lot is passed.”