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The Top Foods to Avoid When Diagnosed with Lupus

Garlic has three substances that can cause flare-ups and inflammation

Three substances found in garlic were found to cause flare-ups and inflammation, which are allicin, thiosulfinates, and ajoene. These stimulate the immune system by revving up white blood cell activity. The sulfur components found in garlic are also believed to combat cancer cells in the body. While these are generally useful for bodily activity, those who live with lupus will not benefit from it because they already have overactive immune systems.

Because of this counter-productivity, it would be best to avoid adding garlic to dishes served to lupus sufferers. It is understandable to want to add flavor to your food, but it is always an option to season food with other herbs and spices. There are plenty of ways you can substitute garlic in a dish as long as proper research is done beforehand.

Similarly, alfalfa sprouts should be avoided. It also increases the activity of the immune system, thanks to the amino acid L-canavanine. Anyone with lupus or other autoimmune condition would do well to cut alfalfa sprouts to reduce the likelihood of experiencing inflammation.