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The Top Foods to Avoid When Diagnosed with Lupus

Just say "No" to salt

It might be a good idea to say no to the salt shaker when sitting down at a restaurant. It is advisable to avoid sodium because it can raise your blood pressure levels and increase the likelihood of a heart disease. When dining out, you can avoid consuming large amounts of salt by asking the sauce to be separate from the dish and by personally requesting that your order is cooked without it. It would also be useful to do prior research so that you can find restaurants that allow you to lower the sodium content.

There are plenty of substitutes that you can use when cooking in the comfort of your home. Lemon, pepper, and turmeric are great choices, depending on what it is that you are cooking. Herbs and curry powders will also enhance the flavor without increasing your blood pressure. A low-sodium diet will be incredibly rewarding when you no longer experience headaches, fatigue, and digestion problems.