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The Top Foods to Avoid When Diagnosed with Lupus

Make sure to avoid your triggers: Medicine that stimulates the immune system and sunlight

Of course, food choices are not the only thing to consider when you are treating lupus. It is still of utmost importance that the prescribed medication is still taken alongside a healthy diet. You will also have to balance out the side effects of the prescription in any way you can. Do not forget to inspect any supplement you are taking to check whether it contains ingredients like melatonin, Echinacea, and Rozerem, which all stimulate the immune system.

There are also non-dietary things that you might want to avoid, such as direct exposure to sunlight that can cause flare-ups and various skin issues. When you are going out in the daytime, always come prepared with sunscreen that provides coverage of at least 70 SPF. It is also better if your sunscreen of choice includes an ingredient called Helioplex in the label.