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This Test Accurately Diagnoses Celiac Disease For Those Already Gluten-Free

The new testing method for celiac disease

A recent study led by Dr. Vikas K. Sarna of the Oslo University Hospital in Norway revealed that a duodenal biopsy may not be necessary to diagnose celiac disease. The effectiveness of current testing methods is affected when people go on a gluten-free diet before going through a test. In the past, it was necessary for people on a gluten-free diet to undergo a gluten challenge before an endoscopic procedure is performed. The procedure takes a biopsy from the duodenum or small intestine to check for the presence of celiac disease. Fortunately, the new test can detect the presence of immune cells in a blood sample, which is a lot less invasive. These immune cells target specifically gluten proteins. The test can be performed even if the patient has not consumed gluten for a period of time.