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What are the Myths About Diabetes Diets?

What are the Myths About Diabetes Diets?

Diabetes has always been associated with many stereotypes and stigmas. There are several misconceptions about diabetes diets, that affect an individual's willingness to follow it precisely. Many people believe that they have to give up all of their favorite foods if they have diabetes. Others are of the opinion that there are too many rules about the food choices if they have diabetes.

One of the most common myths about diabetes is that the condition is caused by eating excess sugar. Contrary to belief, diabetes is actually caused by a disruption in the way the body changes food into energy. The pancreas' inability to make insulin results in Type 1 diabetes, while Type 2 diabetes is caused by insufficient production of insulin. Gestational diabetes happens during pregnancy. Therefore, consuming too much sugar will not result in diabetes.

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Many feel that they have to follow a strict set of rules while choosing food when you have diabetes. However, there is only one rule – choose the food based on the activity and the medications to keep sugar levels under control. Only minor changes are required for one's diet habits to suit the body’s need to regulate blood sugar levels.

Individual's are also under the impression that they have to remove carbohydrates from their diet completely. Carbohydrates are very important for a healthy diet. One needs to monitor the quantity and quality of carbohydrates to properly practice a diet for diabetes. Opt for carbohydrates with many nutrients, like high-fiber fruits and whole grains for better health.

For effective control of blood sugar levels, always follow the directions given by your doctor regarding dose and usage of medications.

Many people believe that to follow a diabetes diet, they must give up their favorite foods. Instead of removing favorite foods completely, one can try changing the way it is prepared, or reducing the serving size of the specific food. One can also try using his or her favorite food as a reward for following the diet strictly. 

People feel that there is a special diet called a diabetic diet to be followed when they have this condition. But the truth is, a healthy diet is what is required to maintaining the sugar levels in one's body; this is true for anyone, it's not just for those who have diabetes. 

Key Takeaways

  • If individuals with diabetes follows a strict diabetes diet, they can reward themselves with their favorite foods.
  • The diabetes diet does not mean that the individual with diabetes has to cut out all of the food they once loved.