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Why Eating Salad Every Day Keeps the Brain 10 Years Younger

Why Eating Salad Every Day Keeps the Brain 10 Years Younger

Leafy greens and veggies are known to be chock full of health benefits if they're included in someone's diet. It turns out that beyond maintaining a healthy weight and fighting cardiovascular disease, it can help protect the brain too.

Many people want to slow down the aging process

The process of aging is troublesome for many people. Your body simply can't do everything it's used to, and your mind may also feel the effects as well. Some people may constantly chase the illusionary fountain of youth, but no matter what, we all have to age some time.

Dementia can be a terrible consequence of aging and a burden to families and caregivers

Dementia is one of the most debilitating and sometimes horrifying manifestations of the aging process. The disease can  not only take a toll not on the person who has it but also on the rest of their family. One of the most undesired aspects of aging among the elderly population is being a burden to their loved ones. Dementia can really take a toll on a person's ability to function even in simple, everyday tasks such as brushing their teeth or even remembering to eat.

In a quest to keep the mind young, people may be willing to do almost anything. Many have turned to various supplements like fish oil and vitamin B12, but obviously, there's no guarantee that any of these actions will work to help stave off dementia. With estimates currently projecting Alzheimer prevalence to be increasing all over the globe, researchers have taken on immense interest in looking at ways we may be able to prevent cognitive decline.

Dementia may represent the next health crisis worldwide

If the estimates are indeed accurate, we may have a health crisis on our hands within the near future. Dementia patients are often extremely difficult to care for because they need almost constant supervision and sometimes caretaker services such as an at-home caregiver or nursing home facility. Many families can't afford to send grandma or grandpa to such facilities or hire someone to help them out. In the end, someone feels the burden of this health crisis, whether it’s the government admitting uncared-for patients in the hospital, or families stepping up to the plate to care for their loved one.

Dementia patients require an enormous amount of resources

Taking care of a person with dementia is no easy task. Imagine having an infant that is the size of a full-grown adult. It's incredibly difficult to even mobilize a dementia patient to help them perform even the most simple of tasks, such as going to the bathroom or showering. Some cases are so severe that families fear that their loved one is going to hurt themselves because they forget to turn off the stove or may fall down the stairs. Others can even get lost if they aren't being carefully watched by a caretaker.

Want to work to prevent dementia? Read on to learn more about how changing your diet can benefit your brain in the long run.