Diet and Nutrition

The Benefits of Leafy Greens for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

People with MS need additional monitoring when it comes to gut health

Nichole M. Bednar, MS RD, a senior dietitian, food service and Computrition specialist at UCLA Health states, “Along with all of these green vegetables comes more roughage. And you’ll never going to go wrong with antioxidants. Healthy microbes thrive in an alkaline environment that can be created with low-glycemic vegetables and fruit.”

Bednar also added that, “Bringing in roughage changes the microbiome into a healthier one. With the healthier gut comes less depression and less anxiety. A healthy microbiome will not have inflammatory reactions and that helps cognitive function. With MS patients, the first thing is to figure out if the patient has an allergy connection. Even just a sensitivity can cause an inflammatory response in the gut. It can kill good bacteria.”