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Best and Worst Substitutes for Heavy Cream

Heavy cream

One of the staple ingredients in a kitchen should be heavy cream. Many people do not keep heavy cream in their fridge and often use substitutes instead. You can make your own heavy cream substitutes. In many recipes, this is used in sour cream, soups, homemade butter, ice cream and sauces. Sometimes, heavy cream is referred to as heavy whipping cream.

The milk that is very high in fat content is used to make heavy cream. Compared to another cream, the fat content in heavy cream is 36-40 percent higher. However, it may not be a suitable option everywhere since it is a dairy product and fat content is too high. If you asked a phd nutritionist if using such an ingredient in your kitchen on a daily basis is beneficial for your health, their answer would be “absolutely not.” So, what can we do about it? Choose the best substitutes!

Best and worst heavy cream substitutes

Milk and butter

If you want to substitute heavy cream in an easy and foolproof way, combine milk and butter. For most of the recipes this combination works. The fat percentage of the milk can be increased and it can be almost the same as the heavy cream by adding butter to the milk.

To make one cup of heavy cream, you need a three-fourth cup of milk and one-fourth cup of butter to be combined and thoroughly mixed. To thicken the liquid a tablespoon of flour also can be added.

When you are using low-fat milk then the addition of flour becomes helpful. One should bear in mind that heavy cream used for cooking and baking purpose can be substituted by this combination. However, the way the heavy cream whips, in the same way, this combination will not.

Soy milk and olive oil

An alternative to heavy cream for vegans is combining soy milk and olive oil. Just the way milk and butter is combined, in the same way to get the flavor and function of heavy cream, soy milk and olive oil can be combined.

The flavor and thickness of heavy cream can be replicated by mixing a two-third cup of soy milk with one-third cup of olive oil. Cooking and baking gets its tenderness and taste by this substitute. Those recipes in which whipping is needed in them this combination should not be used.

Milk and cornstarch

Those who want to substitute heavy cream with a lot of fat low-calorie alternatives can try this combination. The texture of the heavy cream can be reproduced by cornstarch that also helps to make the milk thick.

To substitute heavy cream mix two tablespoon of cornstarch in one cup of milk. Keep stirring and leave it aside for some time so that the milk becomes thick. To help cut down on calories and fat content you can use skimmed milk.

In cooking, this substitute is very useful but the texture of baked goods may be altered and the way a heavy cream whips in that way it will not whip.

Half and half cream and butter

In many recipes requiring heavy cream, half and half cream with butter can be combined. For this, only a pinch of the cream should be used. Whole milk and cream is used to make half-and-half but the fat content of heavy cream present in it is almost about a third.

The fat content percentage of half-and-half can be increased by adding butter. In this way in almost any recipe heavy cream can be substituted by this. Even those recipes in which whipping are done half-and-half can be used.

In certain recipes heavy cream can be substituted by half-and-half without mixing butter in it. To replace one cup heavy cream with this combination, mix a one-eighth cup of butter with seventh eight cup of half-and-half.

Greek yogurt and milk

Another alternative to heavy cream is a mixture of Greek yogurt and whole milk. By mixing this combination the recipe can be made thick. Greek yogurt is rich in protein and by increasing the protein content it provides a healthy twist to the recipe made.

The combination actually makes the product thick but by adding milk you can make it thin and at the same time the same texture as that of heavy cream can be obtained. To substitute heavy cream blend Greek yogurt and whole milk in equal parts.

Dishes such as soups or sauces can get their thickness by this substitute. Recipes that need whipping, in them this combination should not be used. The fat content of Greek yogurt is less and in baked goods, the tenderness that heavy cream provides cannot be provided by it.

Silken tofu and soy milk

Condensed soy milk is used to make silken tofu. Solid white blocks are made from them. The consistency of silken tofu is much softer and to replace heavy cream it can be blend into a product that is high in protein and is dairy-free.

Lumps can be removed and smooth texture can be obtained by blending with soy milk. Instead of soy milk another plant-based milk or regular milk can be used. To make this combination take them in equal parts and blend them.

Till the consistency of the mixture is thick and smooth keep blending it. You can thicken your recipes by using it in the same amount as heavy cream is used. in order to make it into a homemade vegan whipped topping you can also add vanilla extract or put little sugar and use it for desserts.

Evaporated milk

This milk product is shelf-stable and is canned; compared to regular milk it has sixty percent or less water content. Compared to regular milk, it is much thicker and creamier.

In some recipes as an alternative to heavy cream it is lower in calorie. For those recipes in which as liquid ingredient heavy cream is used, evaporated milk is the best substitute. A few drops of vanilla extract can be added to this combination in order to sweeten the dessert.

Coconut cream

This ingredient is quite versatile. The heavy cream can be substituted by this excellent vegan. The prepared version of this can be purchased but it is even easy to make at home. To make this, overnight keep a can of full-fat coconut milk in the fridge.

Into another container the liquid contents should be poured. Coconut cream that is thick and hard will be left behind which can be scooped out. This cream is used as an alternative to heavy cream. The amount of coconut cream used for recipes is the same as heavy cream.

Sweets and baked goods recipes this cream can be used. To make coconut ice cream too this can be used or for desserts as toppings it can be used. One thing to be kept in mind is that the flavor of the final product may be altered even though the properties of heavy cream and coconut cream are the same. So only in certain recipes, this should be used.

Cottage cheese and milk

Cottage cheese is made from the curd of the cow’s milk. The protein content and amount of micronutrients is high. So this replacement of heavy cream is a healthier one. For heavy cream, cottage cheese alone can act as a substitute.

The thickness in the product can be obtained by it. In a blender or food processor blend it so that the lumps can be removed. In order to get the creamy and smooth texture, you can even add milk to it and use it in certain recipes.

Blend equal amounts of cottage cheese with milk. Till the lumps go away keep blending them and use it in place of heavy cream in equal amounts. When you use this combination you should keep in mind that pick up those recipes in which cheesy and distinct flavor of cottage cheese is compatible.

Also, remember that the sodium content in cottage cheese is high. You may go for lower sodium option if you are salt sensitive or in your recipe you can adjust the amount.

Cream cheese

From milk and cream this type of fresh cheese is made. In some, recipes cream cheese is a good replacement for heavy cream even though usually for bagels this is most commonly used and in cheesecakes it is a star ingredient.

In frostings cream cheese is a very good substitute. Cream-based soups and sauces can be thickened by cream cheese. In recipes that need whipping cream cheese should not be used. To replace heavy cream this can work as a one to one substitute.

One thing to keep in mind is that the taste and texture of the product can be altered by cream cheese hence only in appropriate recipes should this be used in which you will its flavor will be compatible.

In a wide variety of recipes heavy cream is used. Heavy cream is used in sweet recipes as well as savory ones. Fortunately, there are many substitutes of heavy cream in case if you fall short of heavy cream or you prefer a low-fat version. Many of the substitutes are healthier option since they contain proteins or are low in calories. One such is Greek yogurt, silken tofu.

However one thing to bear in mind is that the taste and texture can be modified when the heavy cream is substituted by any other ingredient. Thus only in those recipes in which it is suitable and compatible use the substitutes.

Worst heavy cream substitutes

For heavy cream, however, combination of butter and milk is not a perfect substitute. The way whipping cream is whipped in the same way this combination can be whipped but it cannot be whipped like heavy cream.

Compared to skim milk for heavy cream substitute this combination works definitely better with whole milk. If you want the whip the combination you can even add cream cheese but for savory recipes this substitution works better. Use coconut cream if you are looking for a substitute of heavy cream that is dairy-free or vegan.

On the top of can of coconut milk floats the white cream that is thicker and richer. Unlike the combination of milk and butter, this coconut cream substitute can whip better. One thing to keep in mind is that whatever substitute you use they will not whip the same way the heavy cream will whip.

In many baking recipes heavy cream is used, also it is used while cooking; it is used in many sauces and soup. When heavy cream is separated what remains is milk. There is no fat present in non-fat milk, in others there is little cream of about 1-2 percent and 4 percent butterfat in whole milk.

Generally 38-40 percent of milk is present in good quality heavy cream. From the buttermilk butter gets separated when heavy cream is churned. These are all different and cannot be substituted for many other purposes.

In the end the substitute used depends on what is the final product and what kind of texture, consistency, and taste is desired. Some substitutes are not suitable. For instance in your coffee, you can put any kind of cream and milk but from milk, you cannot make butter or whipped cream.

Heavy cream and whipped cream

In many desserts whipped cream us used. From heavy cream, whipped cream can be made. The fat content is higher in heavy cream whereas in whipping cream it is not much. The fat content in whipping cream is less than 36 percent and in heavy cream is 36-40 percent.

Also, an actual heavy cream is made from the cream, separated from the milk that is present at the top. This whipping cream is known as light whipping cream, there is also heavy whipping cream which is similar to heavy cream and is used interchangeably. By using the right equipment it is possible to whip them just right.

Sometimes, the name of the cream is not mentioned and some people use heavy cream, or whipping cream or heavy whipping cream. The taste of the final product or its consistency is not altered much and one is not able to tell the difference in the cream used.