Diet and Nutrition

Beware of Dietary Supplements: A Warning for Celiac Disease Patients

Supplements Investigated

Here are the supplements that were investigated during the study:

  • BioCore DPP IV
  • Digest Gluten Plus          
  • Gluten Cutter
  • Gluten-Ade   
  • Gluten Defense
  • Gluten Digest
  • Gluten Enzyme DG
  • Glutenaid
  • Gluten-Zyme   
  • GlutenEase
  • ProCellax DG2
  • SerenAid            
  • Similase GFCF
  • ZGlutn

These supplements typically have glucanase in them, which is the enzyme responsible for breaking down gluten in the body. The researchers examined a lot of things involved with the production of supplements like the active ingredients, allergen content, indications for use, claims about their products’ capability, and others. Though their names and claims sound attractive to patients, it was found out that they have only a little evidence of their claims. They said that the feeling of relief that patients may feel is due to the placebo effect or another undiagnosed digestive condition. It is also believed that some enzymes are successful in degrading the harmful amino acid sequences in the laboratory, but unfortunately, they do not work in the acidic environment that is in the stomach.