Diet and Nutrition

Beware of Dietary Supplements: A Warning for Celiac Disease Patients


Patients with celiac disease must avoid foods with gluten. As the Cleveland Clinic stated, avoiding gluten consumption could make the patient’s symptoms disappear after few days. The villi are expected to heal after six months. Of course, one must maintain a gluten-free diet; otherwise, the problems will start again, and this may fully damage the small intestine. As of this time, this is the best treatment for celiac patients.

However, a gluten-free diet may not be that effective for patients with so much damage in their small intestine. Thus, this kind of patients needs to take nutrition supplements through their veins.

Generally, for people with celiac disease, a balanced diet needs to be observed. Healthy vegetables and fruits should be consumed. Fortunately, are gluten-free flours which can be used in making pasta and other foods that are originally made with gluten. So, celiac patients do not need to worry about the restrictions since they can still enjoy the foods they love with a little bit of modification. But if a certain food cannot be modified, then it is better for the patient to avoid it.