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Eating Healthy with Celiac Disease: A Guide to Avoiding Gluten

Eating Healthy with Celiac Disease

Eating Healthy with Celiac Disease: A Guide to Avoiding Gluten

Meal prep is hard. To be honest, no one has time to make creative and healthy meals all the time. It is almost impossible to constantly eat right and bring healthy food to work every day. Finding good recipes can also be difficult. A lot of trial and error goes into finding meals that are good to bring to work for lunch or finding dinners that are easy to make on a regular basis.

Trying to prep meals with Celiac disease is even harder. The consequences for not prepping meals are much worse than simply spending a little extra on lunch that day. If there are no items on a restaurant's menu that cater to someone with Celiac disease, as well, they may have to choose between not eating or suffering from symptoms for the whole night.

People with Celiac disease or those who have a gluten intolerance must be careful about what they eat. They need to avoid foods that have gluten in them, which is difficult because gluten is abundant in many products. If gluten is eaten by someone with Celiac disease, they can experience intense pain in their abdomen, as well as bloating, gas, constipation, and even acne. If the person continues to eat gluten, their body may even stop absorbing the nutrients it needs.

Prepping a meal may seem like an impossible task at times, and when it comes to a gluten-free meal, it becomes all the more difficult. Getting those healthy recipes and preparing them can be a giant task, and getting it done on a daily basis feels even harder. This becomes more of an obstacle for a patient with Celiac disease. Individuals who suffer from the disease are intolerant towards gluten and so have to be extra careful about what they eat and what they need to avoid. Gluten is easily found in most food items, so keeping away from it is a big task in and of itself. If a patient eats gluten then, eventually, after a series of symptoms, the body will stop absorbing the nutrients that are essential for the body. Below are a few tips to easily plan meals for a person who is intolerant towards gluten. These meals are free of gluten, but leave the taste intact. These meals are also good for those who are not intolerant towards gluten:

  • Due to the increased need for gluten-free food items, many companies have started to introduce products that do not contain gluten in order to help those who are unable to eat gluten. For example, if you are in love with pasta, you now have the option to buy pasta noodles that don’t contain gluten. There are a lot of grocery stores that also keep the gluten-free versions of food items in a separate section.
  • Getting things done alone can be a cumbersome task. Planning a meal, prepping for it, organizing, and then cooking it all by yourself can be exhausting work, so you might seek help from the people around you. There are professional services available nowadays that can help with meal prepping for health-conscious people as well. There are many services, and you can use whichever best fits your needs.
  • It is better to plan out a meal in advance, such as for an entire week or even a month if possible. You can then make use of the best ingredients which can be added to multiple meals at the same time. There are also certain meals that can be prepped and stored for later use. This is a great way to prepare food when you’re in mood or when you feel disinclined to make something. Planning well in advance can make life easier. Initially, it may seem like a tiresome task, but gradually, you will get used to it.
  • There are cases where an individual wants to go out to eat, and this is perfectly fine. There will be times when, after a hectic day, it may feel like too much work to prepare your own meal, and so eating out would be the preferred option. It’s okay to go out on occasion, but it should not become a habit. You can look out for places that offer gluten-free meals since there are many restaurants that can easily make the change.