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Why Eating Salad Every Day Keeps the Brain 10 Years Younger

Greens aren't the only things that can help you stay sharp

Turns out that leafy greens might not be the only thing helping our brains stay young. They found that the nutrients inside these types of veggies have a load of brain-protective benefits. These nutrients are available in other types of food as well.

One such nutrient is vitamin E. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that works to neutralize toxic free radicals in the body. Animal studies have shown that this vitamin is so powerful that it can protect neurons from being damaged by inflammation and oxidative stress. These stressors are often factors that contribute to the amyloid plaques characteristic to Alzheimer's. Morris recommends that everyone should eat about a half cup of cooked spinach daily. Other good supplements include almonds and sunflower or safflower oil. These foods are incredibly rich in vitamin E.

Additionally, nitrates, vitamin K, and kaempferol are also helpful nutrients that can help promote brain health. However, fewer studies are available on these nutrients and how they work help us fight dementia. Study authors believe they warrant further investigation in the laboratory.