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These 7 Foods Will Give You a New Lease on Life!

These 7 Foods Will Give You a New Lease on Life!

Are you down in the dumps? Or having a few health problems? Well, it might be a good idea to think about what you've been eating. Adding these foods to your diet will prove to give you a new lease on life. Don't trust us? Try them for yourself! Not only are they extremely healthy, but they're tasty too!

Chia seeds, black rice, barley, acai, olive oil, cinnamon, and turmeric are all beneficial if you want to lead a healthy life.

You've probably heard about how blueberries are superfoods, largely due to their anthocyanin content; however, black rice has more anti-oxidants than blueberries, with more fiber and less sugar. Barley was popular among the Ancient Romans as food for gladiators and the Roman army. Barley is also rich in beta glucan which combines with excess cholesterol to aid in absorption. This can help decrease LDL cholesterol, which is one of the bad types, therefore decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Acai berries also contain lots of Vitamins A, B1, and E, along with manganese, copper, chromium, boron, beta-sitosterol, and calcium. Olive oil has high monounsaturated fat that decreases LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL cholesterol, which fights against heart disease. The monounsaturated fat may also help reduce the risk of cancer.

Cinnamon's value has been present throughout much of history. From 2700 BCE, Cinnamon was used in China, Europe, and Egypt. Ancient Romans also took advantage of the spice, bestowing more value upon it than gold, as it was able to treat a host of health problems such as inflammation, colds, poisonous bites, and respiratory infections such as the flu. Much later, Columbus sailed to the New World, he was actually trying to go to India to seek out spices such as cinnamon.

Surprisingly, it is only recently that modern medicine has begun to take advantage of all that turmeric has to offer. Turmeric possesses curcumin, which is its primary pharmacological agent. It is an anti-inflammatory so strong that it can even be compared to ibuprofen or hydrocortisone. Therefore, joint pain can be relieved for those who suffer from joint disease or arthritis when turmeric is used regularly.

Turmeric has also been linked to decreasing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. In India, where turmeric consumption is one of the highest, Alzheimer's disease has one of the lowest rates in the world.

The great thing about all of the above-mentioned foods is that they can be very easily incorporated into many other dishes and snacks. And, they are all easy to find! If you can't find some of these, such as fresh turmeric or acai, check out a specialty market or simply order them online. You might be surprised with the many ways you can get these foods into your diet! Eating a healthy diet does wonders for all other aspects of your life. 

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