Diet and Nutrition

Lowering Risk of Gestational Diabetes with a Healthy Diet and Normal Weight

Managing Gestational Diabetes

Most women with gestational diabetes manage blood glucose levels by having a healthy eating plan and exercising. Some need diabetes medicine.

Healthy eating plan

A healthy eating plan help in knowing what food to eat, when to eat and how much of the food to eat. Food amounts, choices, and timing are crucial in keeping blood glucose within the range. Failing to eat enough or having too high blood glucose will make the body make ketones. Having ketones in the blood or urine means that fat is used instead of glucose. Burning too much fat can be harmful.


Physical activity helps in managing blood glucose levels. Being physically active help in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Also, physical activity help in improving muscle strength, relieving stress, keeping joints flexible, and strengthening the bones and heart. It also helps in lowering the risk for type 2 diabetes.

Other methods of treating gestational diabetes

Sometimes having a healthy eating plan and exercising are not enough in managing the blood glucose levels and it might make insulin a requirement. When someone needs insulin, a health care team help in educating about taking insulin shots. Insulin doesn’t harm the baby, and it is a good medicine for treating gestational diabetes.