Diet and Nutrition

Lowering Risk of Gestational Diabetes with a Healthy Diet and Normal Weight

Risk among South Asian Women

In this study, at least 1,000 women in the second trimester of pregnancy participated. Some of the data collected included physical measurements, glucose tolerance, and health information. Also, babies’ information such as insulin levels, cord blood glucose, skinfold thickness, and birth weight was collected. The study found that the major risk factors that led to gestational diabetes included maternal height, age and history of type 2 diabetes in the family. Also, low-quality diet and pre-pregnancy weight increased the risk.

Rice, low consumption of vegetables and fruits, fried foods, and higher consumption of chicken, processed meat and red meat constitute a low-quality diet. High consumption of legumes, vegetables, and whole grains represent a high-quality diet. Anand said that about up to one-third of gestational diabetes can be prevented among South Asian women by improving their diet quality and achieving optimal pre-pregnancy weight. This study shows the importance of maintaining weight and healthy eating among this demographic who considers pregnancy.